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dJAX Adnetwork using OpenX

dJAX Adnetwork using OpenX

Product Information

Setting up an adnetwork is made very easy these days with the introduction of dJAX Adnetwork package. Any media professional who wants to enter or start up a new business in the field of online advertising can easily do it with OpenX technology. With OpenX download version, one can just get the basic adserving functionality. But after having dJAX Adnetwork Package installed, anyone can get started with their Online Advertising business directly. Also as a online media company, it is very important to manage the publishers and advertisers, this package contains easier and efficient ways to do that. Also, it has automated features like advertiser and publisher can register directly and payment is also handled directly and it contains paypal payment gateway option. Apart from that, it all has plenty of options which an online advertising network would require.

It is not only for new OpenX installations. Any Adserver or Adnetwork using OpenX can easily integrate all these facilities and make their online medium a much better place for their customers and can boost huge revenues.

If you would like to setup an online advertising business, this is the right place to get started.

*** Easy to install & Set up
*** 6 months free support
*** Documentation and Free Online Training
*** No Initial Setup Costs - Limited time offer

It includes most of these features mentioned below.

Advertiser and Publisher registration Module with all permission
Billing System Integration or Billing Module
Advanced Unique Impressions & Unique Clicks
Real Time Statistics Report
Anti Fraud Click System Basic
Country Statistics
Banner Approval by admin
In-line Text Ads
Distribute Statistics hourly
User profile Targeting
Customized login From Your site
FLV Banner for Openx
N Banner Rotation With Advanced feature
Limit Size Of Banners
Email to advertisers with their info
Websites performance for Advertisers
Publisher Duplication
Mass Import
Hiding Url
List Advertisers/Banners
Account Statistics
Customized Statistics Reports for Advertisers & Publishers
Automatic filtering of banner according to Revenue
Rich Media Interaction Time
Dashboard ads for openx
Overlay Ad
Hide website names for Advertiser
List Advertisers/Banners
Invite Friends for Publisher
Publisher Landing Page
admin approval for self signed up users
De-active Campaign Option
Automatic filtering of banner according to Profit
Max Banner Show Per Hour
Replace Openx Keyword with Your Adserver Name
Monthly Statistics Report
Time Targeting by Advertiser
graph for statistics
Google maps for statistics
mJAX Mobile Ads plugin
dJAX Behavioral Targeting
dJAX Contextual Targeting
dJAX Re-Targeting
Ad Network Revenue Optimization
Real Time Bidding

Price: €6041.00 €4280.00

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