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  1. dJAX Adnetwork using OpenX
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  2. Axonix Integration
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  3. Google Adx Integration
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  4. mJAX mobile Ads SDK for iPhone/Android Apps
    Save €800.00
  5. VAST Video Plugin for Revive
    Save €800.00
  6. IAB Rising Stars Ad formats
    Save €500.00
  7. vJAX Video Adnetwork
    Save €500.00
  8. IAB Rising Star Ads for Mobile
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  9. dJAX Game Ads plugin
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  10. Djax Analytics
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Revive Adserver

Revive Adserver is an open source ad serving technology platform which runs digital advertising campaigns on websites, mobile applications and online videos.

Revive Adserver Plugins

The technology framework of Revive Ad Server allows third-party plugins to be used upon it for better performing and better yielding online advertising campaigns.

We have a comprehensive range of well-designed, simple to complex Revive Adserver Plugins on targeting, bidding, reporting that could be installed in your revive systems that are efficient and cost-effective.

OpenX Mods / Revive Adserver

Image Description Price  
Hide Banner After Clicking Hide Banner After Clicking
If the advertiser does not want to display any particular banner for some ’N’ seconds for the same user once afte…
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Advanced Advertiser Signup with All Permissions Advanced Advertiser Signup with All Permissions
This mod is an add-on feature in OpenX using which Advertiser can create his/her own account. The advertiser ca…
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Banner Approval by Admin Banner Approval by Admin
This feature is an add-on for OpenX users & the administrator will have the power to Approve/Reject banners. Ad…
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Overlay Ad Overlay Ad
Are you eager to have your advertisement getting noticed or excited to have more clicks? Here you go! ‘Overlay Ad&rsqu…
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Delete Statistics Delete Statistics
This mod will  delete all the statistics for the period specified by the admin. After installation of this mo…
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customized Self signup for Advertiser/Publisher with paypal customized Self signup for Advertiser/Publisher with paypal
This mod integrates the Self Sign-up and paypal in openads for both ‘Advertisers’ and ‘Publi…
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Site-Skin Ads for OpenX Site-Skin Ads for OpenX
The Site Skin Ad Format shown in the background of the web page and also left and right of the screen. It always…
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User profile Targeting User profile Targeting
Do you want to Target your banners only to your Target customers? Here is a solution for you !! ‘User profile Tar…
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In-line Text Ads In-line Text Ads
Want to save valuable space of yours then go ahead with “In-line Text Ads” ! ‘In-line Text Ads’ &…
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Add Borders On A Banner Add Borders On A Banner
Using this mod you can add and remove a border  to a banner by just clicking in the banner settings. …
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Slider Ads for Openx Slider Ads for Openx
The Slider ad format "slides up" from the bottom right corner of the screen and fixed to the right corner with refe…
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Password Reminder Mod Password Reminder Mod
This mod will provide an option to select “Remember my Password” in the login page. The user should enter the …
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Limit Size of Banners Limit Size of Banners
This mod allows the administrator to limit the size of banner, which the advertiser may upload. OpenX will allow the u…
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Advertiser permission for delivery option Advertiser permission for delivery option
By installing this mod advertisers can see the delivery option. Advertiser can impose delivery limitation for his banners. …
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Rich Media Interaction Time Tracker Rich Media Interaction Time Tracker
Any user may click on your banner, but do you want to make a note rather track the time spent by each and every user o…
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