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  1. dJAX Adnetwork using OpenX
    Save €1761.00
  2. Axonix Integration
    Save €1000.00
  3. Google Adx Integration
    Save €1000.00
  4. mJAX mobile Ads SDK for iPhone/Android Apps
    Save €800.00
  5. VAST Video Plugin for Revive
    Save €800.00
  6. IAB Rising Stars Ad formats
    Save €500.00
  7. vJAX Video Adnetwork
    Save €500.00
  8. IAB Rising Star Ads for Mobile
    Save €500.00
  9. dJAX Game Ads plugin
    Save €400.00
  10. Djax Analytics
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Revive Adserver

Revive Adserver is an open source ad serving technology platform which runs digital advertising campaigns on websites, mobile applications and online videos.

Revive Adserver Plugins

The technology framework of Revive Ad Server allows third-party plugins to be used upon it for better performing and better yielding online advertising campaigns.

We have a comprehensive range of well-designed, simple to complex Revive Adserver Plugins on targeting, bidding, reporting that could be installed in your revive systems that are efficient and cost-effective.

OpenX Mods / Revive Adserver

Image Description Price  
Advertisers and Publishers Registration Module Advertisers and Publishers Registration Module
At last we have an Independent Registration module created only for you. You don't have to depend anymore on the admini…
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Adding Site Name To Ad Adding Site Name To Ad
This mod allows to ad your site name to the ads you server . Like google and yahoo do they say ads by google or yahoo. By …
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Customized Statistics Reports for Advertisers & Publishers Customized Statistics Reports for Advertisers & Publishers
Want to Customize statistics reports for Advertisers and Publishers, here is the solution for you !! This mod provides you…
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mJAX Mobile Ads plugin for OpenX mJAX Mobile Ads plugin for OpenX
Do you want your ad to reach the maximum number of audience then you got to be in the mobile world ! And here’s your g…
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Banner Autoreload Banner Autoreload
  This mods will help the publisher to rotate two banners    By installing this mod, publishe …
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Billing Module Billing Module
Monthly Billing made easy ! ‘Billing Module’ is designed to calculate the payments/credits by advertisers &…
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Banner Permission to Advertiser Banner Permission to Advertiser
This mod provides a complete freedom for the advertisers as it allows them to upload any type of banners. This mod makes y…
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Advertiser/Publisher Registration with/without paypal Advertiser/Publisher Registration with/without paypal
In OpenX, only Admin can create the account of an Advertiser and Publisher, but now it’s possible that Advertiser…
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Keyword Targeting Keyword Targeting
Do you want to display your banners only to your target customers? Here is the mod for you to help you out !! ‘Keywo…
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Admin Approval for self signed up users Admin Approval for self signed up users
This feature is an add-on for OpenX users. This mod allows admin to approve self signed up users. Using this mod, A…
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MP3 Banner for OpenX MP3 Banner for OpenX
Easy way to handle MP3 banner! This feature is not available in Openx. By installing this mod you can have t…
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Display Multiple Banners in a Zone Display Multiple Banners in a Zone
Display Multiple Banners in a Zone Mod helps us to display all or many of the banners that are linked to that zone. The Mod …
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PayPal Donate PayPal Donate
If the administrator installs this mod, a paypal donation account will be displayed in his/her site. …
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Advertising by Temperature Advertising by Temperature
If the advertiser wants to display the banners according to the temperature prevailing in a particular city or countr…
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Hide Website names for Advertisers Hide Website names for Advertisers
This mod provides a functionality through which Publisher Website names will be hidden from the advertiser. Administrator …
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