Product Code Product Name Price Special Price  
PASI3 Password Reminder Mod€20.00 €18.00Add to Basket
PAY43PayPal Donate€35.00 -Add to Basket
LOGL3 Login via Email€15.00 -Add to Basket
ADMM3Admin Log In As User€40.00 -Add to Basket
ADVN3 Advanced Advertiser Signup with All Permissions€65.00 €60.00Add to Basket
SETZ3Set Price for the Banners€150.00 -Add to Basket
PROV3 Profile targeting by advertiser€100.00 -Add to Basket
CUST3Customized Statistics Reports for Advertisers & Publishers€75.00 -Add to Basket
LIMI3 Limit number of banners per campaign€30.00 -Add to Basket
AUTX3Automatic Filtering of Lower Conversion/CTR Banners€30.00 -Add to Basket
HIDR3 Hide Banner After Clicking€55.00 €50.00Add to Basket
UPGU3Upgradation of Openx2.4 or later version to latest version€100.00 -Add to Basket
CUS13 Customized Login from your Site€50.00 €45.00Add to Basket
TOG43Toggling Banners€45.00 -Add to Basket
ADMI3 Admin Set Toggling Banners€55.00 -Add to Basket
ADVU3Advertiser Registration with all permission€60.00 -Add to Basket
ADV93 Advanced Advertiser Signup(PayPal) with All Permissions€80.00 -Add to Basket
BAN13Banner Autoreload€25.00 -Add to Basket
ADVD3 Advertiser Banners€35.00 -Add to Basket
REG33Country Targeting€55.00 -Add to Basket
MOBR3 mJAX Mobile Ads plugin for OpenX€1600.00 €1350.00Add to Basket
MUIE3Multiple Ads in One Zone€150.00 -Add to Basket
LOW73 Low/High Priority Campaigns€51.00 -Add to Basket
ADV83Advertiser Login€45.00 -Add to Basket
OLIB3 Olivegreen Theme€200.00 €195.00Add to Basket
LIM23Limit Size of Banners€20.00 -Add to Basket
SHO93 Show The City€45.00 -Add to Basket
GOOP3Google Graph for Statistics€75.00 -Add to Basket
COUP3 Country Statistics€100.00 -Add to Basket
HIDY3Hide Website names for Advertisers€25.00 -Add to Basket
MP3Z3 MP3 Banner for OpenX€60.00 -Add to Basket
HIDW3Hiding URL€60.00 -Add to Basket
URLV3 Url Targeting€45.00 -Add to Basket
USEH14User profile Targeting€65.00 -Add to Basket
IABRS3 IAB Rising Stars Ad formats€1450.00 €950.00Add to Basket
EDIU3Editor To Create Image And Html Banners€110.00 -Add to Basket
BILM3 Billing Module€99.00 -Add to Basket
BANZ3Banner Permission to Advertiser€35.00 -Add to Basket
DATC3 Date format in OpenX€20.00 -Add to Basket
APP03Banner Approval by Admin€95.00 €75.00Add to Basket
ADVF3 Advertiser & Publisher Registration Module with All Permissions€90.00 €80.00Add to Basket
ADVA3Advertisers and Publishers Registration Module€85.00 €60.00Add to Basket
HID73 Hide Past Inactive Campaigns€15.00 -Add to Basket
ADMW3Admin Approval for Advertiser's banners€35.00 -Add to Basket
RICH3 Rich Media Interaction Time Tracker€45.00 €38.00Add to Basket
CRED3Creating and deleting campaign by an advertiser€48.00 -Add to Basket
BLUG3 Blue Theme€200.00 €195.00Add to Basket
DEAG3Deactivate Campaign Option€35.00 -Add to Basket
SENS3 Send Mail Before Campaign Is Deactivated€40.00 -Add to Basket
MAXR3Max Banner Show per Hour€65.00 -Add to Basket
SHOQ3 Show A Banner With A Domain Limitation€35.00 -Add to Basket
GREI3Green theme€200.00 €195.00Add to Basket
BUR83 Burly wood Theme€200.00 €195.00Add to Basket
MOV93Move Individual Banners€50.00 -Add to Basket
YELG3 Yellow theme€200.00 €195.00Add to Basket
BRO63Brown theme€200.00 €195.00Add to Basket
PANX3 Pan - Campaign Notices€56.00 -Add to Basket
BILW3Billing System Integration with PayPal€99.00 -Add to Basket
ADV33 Advertiser permission for delivery option€25.00 -Add to Basket
GOOK3Google map for Statistics€120.00 €99.00Add to Basket
BAN93 Banner upload for publisher€40.00 -Add to Basket
REDB3Red theme€200.00 €195.00Add to Basket
LISH3 List all Advertisers/Banners€65.00 €60.00Add to Basket
HIDG3Hide Banner for t seconds after a Click€35.00 -Add to Basket
ADVF3 Advertiser/Publisher Registration with/without PayPal (all permissions)€130.00 -Add to Basket
INV53Invite Friends for Publisher€25.00 -Add to Basket
FRIT3 Friend invitation for Advertiser€25.00 -Add to Basket
ADV23Advertiser/Publisher registration with captcha image verification€90.00 -Add to Basket
ALLM3 All banners invocation code (only active banners) with custom CSS€75.00 €70.00Add to Basket
ALLA3All banners invocation code (only active bannners)€65.00 €60.00Add to Basket
NUMB3 Number Of Active Campaigns For One Zone€45.00 -Add to Basket
ALL33All banners invocation code with custom css€73.00 €68.00Add to Basket
UPG43 Upgradation of phpadsnew/openads to latest version€120.00 -Add to Basket
LOG33Different Banner Types in Same Zone€40.00 -Add to Basket
CAML3 Campaign Selection mode for Zones€46.00 -Add to Basket
ALL03All banners invocation code€68.00 €60.00Add to Basket
BIL03 Billing module with different price for each banner€120.00 -Add to Basket
POSI3Post variables when successfully conversion is done for publisher€100.00 -Add to Basket
POS73 Post variables when successfully conversion is done for advertiser€100.00 -Add to Basket
EMA23Email for successful conversion for publisher€100.00 -Add to Basket
EMA13 Email for successful conversion for advertiser€100.00 -Add to Basket
SEC73Secured Publisher Statistics€40.00 -Add to Basket
PUB83 Publisher Duplication€60.00 -Add to Basket
ZONM3Zone Variable track€250.00 -Add to Basket
ADDF3 Add site level to Publisher€100.00 -Add to Basket
DEL43Delete Statistics€50.00 -Add to Basket
ACCL3 Account Statistics€50.00 -Add to Basket
N BB3N Banner Rotation with Advanced Feature€100.00 -Add to Basket
CLTA3 City level Targeting€350.00 €300.00Add to Basket
PUBH3Publisher Landing Page€50.00 -Add to Basket
ALLA3 All Permission For Advertisers€35.00 -Add to Basket
SEL63Self Signup For Advertiser with all permissions (€99.00 -Add to Basket
ADVK3 Advanced Companion positioning€99.00 -Add to Basket
PASR3Password Retrieval for users€60.00 -Add to Basket
SELG3 customized Self signup for Advertiser/Publisher with paypal€130.00 €120.00Add to Basket
LISC3List Current Advertisers€49.00 -Add to Basket
ROTT3 Rotating Advertisments in one space€25.00 -Add to Basket
ADVO3Advanced Advertiser SignUp( With All Permissions€80.00 -Add to Basket
MASZ3 Mass Import€85.00 -Add to Basket
REA83Real Time Statistics Report€110.00 -Add to Basket
THRR3 Thread Prefixes€50.00 -Add to Basket
TRAA3Track Guest Visits€46.99 -Add to Basket
GRAQ3 Graph for Statistics€50.00 -Add to Basket
SPRCPESuper Pre Roll CPE€240.00 €210.00Add to Basket
PRPVA Pre-Roll Plus-Video Adformat€390.00 €350.00Add to Basket
INSH3Installation of OpenX Module for WordPress€100.00 -Add to Basket
CLIF3 Client Registration€30.00 -Add to Basket
EMAI3Email to advertisers with their info€20.00 -Add to Basket
TESS3 Testing M€0.00 €10.00Add to Basket
ADDU3Adding Site Name To Ad€50.00 -Add to Basket
SELX3 Self Sign-up for Advertiser with Paypal Integration€65.00 -Add to Basket
ADVG3Advertisers option list€100.00 -Add to Basket
KEY13 Keyword Targeting€105.00 -Add to Basket
AUT73Automatic Filtering of Banners according to Profit€75.00 -Add to Basket
BILN3 Billing System Integration (with Publisher Payment UI)€130.00 €120.00Add to Basket
BILA3Billing System Integration with€120.00 €100.00Add to Basket
ADVQ3 Advertising by Temperature€60.00 €50.00Add to Basket
AUT23Automated Advertiser Singup with all permissions€60.00 -Add to Basket
SELE3 Self signup for Advertiser/Publisher with (all permissions)€130.00 -Add to Basket
ADVJ3Advertiser/Publisher Registration with/without paypal€100.00 -Add to Basket
GLOW3 Gloabally controlled banner type option€20.00 €18.00Add to Basket
LOG63Login from your Site€20.00 -Add to Basket
AUTW3 Auto linking zones to banners€110.00 -Add to Basket
ROTE3Rotating Campaigns By Calendar Week€160.00 -Add to Basket
ADDG3 Add Borders On A Banner€15.00 -Add to Basket
REG43Registered user location targetting€42.00 -Add to Basket
USE13 User Age Targeting€45.00 -Add to Basket
USEP3User Sex targeting€45.00 -Add to Basket
LISR3 List of all banners€52.00 €45.00Add to Basket
EMA13Email to all Advertisers€30.00 -Add to Basket
ADVS3 Advanced Unique Impressions & Unique Clicks€130.00 €110.00Add to Basket
OPE33OpenX Mods Integration€55.00 €50.00Add to Basket
ADVS3 Advanced Advertiser Simulator€55.00 €50.00Add to Basket
ADV93Advance Publisher Simulator€55.00 €50.00Add to Basket
OPEG3 Installation of Openx to your server€100.00 -Add to Basket
MON93Monthly Statistics Report€55.00 €50.00Add to Basket
GEOD3 Pay Per Country Click€160.00 €150.00Add to Basket
DSSPPdJAX SSP Plugin (OpenRTB API)€2000.00 -Add to Basket
GEOG3 Geo Database Installation€60.00 €55.00Add to Basket
ANTP3Anti Fraud Click System - Basic€100.00 -Add to Basket
OVEK3 Overlay Ad€230.00 €180.00Add to Basket
TESC3test product€0.00 €0.01Add to Basket
ACTO3 Activate or Deactivate banners in banner property page€35.00 -Add to Basket
COP73Copy from options for banners in banner properties€35.00 -Add to Basket
ADM53 Admin Approval for self signed up users€30.00 -Add to Basket
DJGAPdJAX Game Ads plugin€1600.00 €1200.00Add to Basket
DEAD3 Deactivate Advertiser€40.00 -Add to Basket
ADDR3Adding Site Name To Ad€30.00 -Add to Basket
CUSR3 Custom email messages to users€80.00 -Add to Basket
USEH3user location coupled with google map€100.00 -Add to Basket
ANNZ3 Announcement mod€60.00 -Add to Basket
INVV3invite center for OpenX€40.00 -Add to Basket
LISX3 List of mostly displayed banners€50.00 -Add to Basket
BIL23Billing system with custom clicks & impressions (€135.00 -Add to Basket
ADVW3 Advanced search option for Admin€55.00 -Add to Basket
MEDI3Media cost & Technology cost for openx€200.00 -Add to Basket
DIS83 Display Multiple Banners in a Zone€150.00 -Add to Basket
BIL13Billing system with Custom clicks & impressions (PayPal)€135.00 -Add to Basket
AUTX3 Automatic Filtering of Banners according to Revenue€65.00 -Add to Basket
ADVF3Time Targeting by Advertiser€75.00 -Add to Basket
INS23 Installation of Openx Module to Drupal€110.00 €100.00Add to Basket
INSL3Installation of Openx Module to Joomla€100.00 -Add to Basket
FLVK3 FLV Banner for OpenX€65.00 -Add to Basket
vjazvadvJAX Video Adnetwork€8000.00 €7500.00Add to Basket
BILT3 Admin Control panel for Billing system€110.00 -Add to Basket
GOOD3Google maps for statistics (Country Based)€110.00 -Add to Basket
BILS23 Billing System integration (PayPal) with Admin Control€110.00 -Add to Basket
DISF3Distribute Statistics hourly€65.00 €50.00Add to Basket
WEBR3 Websites performance for Advertisers€40.00 -Add to Basket
PASW3Remember Login Mod€20.00 €18.00Add to Basket
CONS3 Contextual Targeting€350.00 €300.00Add to Basket
ADMF3Admin control panel for user profile targeting€115.00 -Add to Basket
ADDO3 Add Banner Permission to Advertisers€45.00 -Add to Basket
ADDC3Add campaign permission to advertisers€45.00 -Add to Basket
33 Behavioral Targeting€300.00 -Add to Basket
Z3zone duplication with linked banners€35.00 -Add to Basket
BLOU3 Blog As Ads€140.00 -Add to Basket
URLU3URL Report of Ads€150.00 -Add to Basket
BIDL3 Bidding System - Basic€850.00 €799.00Add to Basket
CAT83Category Bidding€750.00 €699.00Add to Basket
KEYK3 Keyword bidding€650.00 €600.00Add to Basket
COUI3Country Bidding€500.00 €450.00Add to Basket
WEBW3 Website Rank Bidding€750.00 €699.00Add to Basket
FILG3Filter Duplicate Conversion€99.00 -Add to Basket
APPI3 Approve banner and auto link in email€99.00 -Add to Basket
IN-T3In-line Text Ads€325.00 €275.00Add to Basket
NEWG3 News Feed Ads€125.00 -Add to Basket
DASG3Dashboard Ads for Openx€70.00 -Add to Basket
SCH83 Schedule ads based on time of day€150.00 -Add to Basket
VASR3VAST Video Plugin for Revive€2000.00 €1200.00Add to Basket
SLI73 Slider Ads for Openx€150.00 €120.00Add to Basket
FILO3Filmstrip Ads for openx€340.00 €300.00Add to Basket
DJAV3 dJAX Adnetwork using OpenX€6041.00 €4280.00Add to Basket
ADVH15Advanced Unique Impressions & Unique Clicks for mJAX Mobile Ads€250.00 -Add to Basket
WIDC3 Widget Ads For OpenX€280.00 €250.00Add to Basket
SITP15Site-Skin Ads for OpenX€340.00 €290.00Add to Basket
STON3 Storyboarding Ads For Openx€100.00 €80.00Add to Basket
FAC715Facebook like integration in Your Ad€150.00 -Add to Basket
IABPD3 IAB pushdown€280.00 €250.00Add to Basket
SUBAA2Supporter Banner Ad€325.00 €295.00Add to Basket
ADAFC3 Advanced Anti-fraud click€380.00 €350.00Add to Basket
GAADB2GameBox Ads€280.00 €250.00Add to Basket
CPAAD2 CPA Revenue Optimization for advertiser€250.00 €200.00Add to Basket
INOVA2Intromercial overlay€230.00 €180.00Add to Basket
GLTA3 Google Like text ads€65.00 €35.00Add to Basket
MAFSZ2Multiple Ads from single zone€150.00 -Add to Basket
MAIEZ1 Multiple ads in an Email zone€60.00 -Add to Basket
CSPP2Clean statistics for particular period€45.00 €30.00Add to Basket
COVA2 Customizing Openx views for adserver€35.00 €20.00Add to Basket
zvtr3Zone Variable and Value Tracking and Reporting€290.00 €250.00Add to Basket
ADTL2 Ad targeting by language€90.00 €60.00Add to Basket
RDAWS1Recover the deleted advertiser with statistics€130.00 €100.00Add to Basket
RLWM2 Retail location with google map€135.00 €98.00Add to Basket
DLCERM1Daily Limitations For Contract Exclusive and Remnant Campaigns€125.00 €95.00Add to Basket
DJANL2 Djax Analytics€1800.00 €1500.00Add to Basket
DJVAD1vJAX Video Ads Plugin€950.00 -Add to Basket
DAPUIA Publishers UI Status€130.00 €90.00Add to Basket
ENGADAEngagement Ads€230.00 €180.00Add to Basket
CCFOA Customized Category for openx€65.00 €40.00Add to Basket
GEOPS1Geo-Plugin by state, zipcode and areacode€430.00 €380.00Add to Basket
MJAQ15 mJAX mobile Ads SDK for iPhone/Android Apps€3200.00 €2400.00Add to Basket
EXPP3Expand Banner for Openx€225.00 -Add to Basket
DXML XML Feed Network-Integration€2100.00 -Add to Basket
PABATPassback Ad tags€100.00 -Add to Basket
HOUAD House Ad€140.00 €80.00Add to Basket
DJA23dJAX Native Ads€1750.00 -Add to Basket
ANCHAD1 Anchor ad€390.00 €350.00Add to Basket
URLY15URL Encode Module for Openx€300.00 -Add to Basket
VPSF1 Visitors Profiling System€800.00 €750.00Add to Basket
PUADF1Pop under Ad Format€140.00 €100.00Add to Basket
TPTFP1 Third party tracker for publisher€360.00 €320.00Add to Basket
SEQAD1Sequential Advertising€180.00 €140.00Add to Basket
EXITRA Exit Traffic€160.00 €120.00Add to Basket
CAMLICampaign Limitations€170.00 €130.00Add to Basket
PAPEAD Pagepeel adformat€390.00 €350.00Add to Basket
IABPG1IABPotrait Pushdown Gallery€390.00 €350.00Add to Basket
CAMON Campaign Monitoring System€140.00 €110.00Add to Basket
IABFPFIAB Full page flex€320.00 €270.00Add to Basket
IABMAB IAB Mobile Adhesion Banner€350.00 €290.00Add to Basket
IABMFBIAB Mobile Filmstrip Banner€350.00 €270.00Add to Basket
IABMP IAB Mobile Pull€410.00 €350.00Add to Basket
IABFAIAB Floor Ads€240.00 €190.00Add to Basket
DJAEP dJAX Ad Exchange Framework€9999.00 -Add to Basket
ADT13Advanced Ad Tracking€200.00 €160.00Add to Basket
RMT013 Re-marketing€300.00 €240.00Add to Basket
LAD013LayerAd€180.00 €140.00Add to Basket
IABFM IAB Rising Star Ads for Mobile€1600.00 €1100.00Add to Basket
IPLT13Ip Location targeting€240.00 €180.00Add to Basket
IMW13 Interstitial Mobile Web Ad Tag€180.00 €120.00Add to Basket
FSR13Floor Scroll Reveal€170.00 €130.00Add to Basket
LMG13 Layer Image€180.00 €130.00Add to Basket
AAFIPAdvanced Anti-fraud Impressions€350.00 -Add to Basket
POBUT Post back / Server-To-Server URL Tracking€390.00 €350.00Add to Basket
REV33Revive Adserver XMLRPCV2 API€1000.00 -Add to Basket
MOBN3 Mobile Carrier Limitation€200.00 -Add to Basket
WEBD3Website Retargeting€250.00 -Add to Basket
UNIZ3 Universal Retargeting€350.00 -Add to Basket
DIRA3Direct Selection Enabled€30.00 -Add to Basket
IAB53 IAB Video Rising Stars- Filmstrip Ad Format€700.00 -Add to Basket
PUB515Pubmatic SSP Integration€2500.00 -Add to Basket
SMAZ15 Smaato SSP Intergration€2500.00 -Add to Basket
MOBE15Mobile Interstitial Video Addon€300.00 €280.00Add to Basket
GOOB3 Google Adx Integration€2500.00 €1500.00Add to Basket
VPAM3VPAID Video Ads€700.00 €600.00Add to Basket
AXOH3 Axonix Integration€2500.00 €1500.00Add to Basket
HTM43HTML5 Banners€400.00 -Add to Basket
HEAL15 Header bidding plugin for Revive Adserver€8000.00 -Add to Basket
RESA15REST API plugin€300.00 -Add to Basket