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Real Time Statistics Report

Real Time Statistics Report

Product Information

In this real time world we don’t think anyone would like to wait for an hour to get to see their own statistics, here is the solution for you !

  • You don’t have to wait for ‘OpenX Maintenance’ updation at the end of every hour, try out this mod - you can see the statistics - live.

  • This mod will update the OpenX default statistical record with the current Statistical data (calculates until the last second).

  • For administrator’s, Statistics will be updated for both the tabs ‘Advertisers & Campaigns’ and ‘Websites & Zones’.

  • For advertisers & publishers this mod will update the live statistics in their respective statistical data section.

  • Overall this mod serves as a beneficial add-on for all the users like administrators, managers, advertisers & publishers as it updates live data.

Price: €110.00

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