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Location: /OpenX Mods / Revive Adserver

Toggling Banners

Toggling Banners

Product Information


     This feature is not available in Openx. By installing this mod you can have this feature  

  • This mod will be working for all versions of Openx. This mod allows toggling banners using single invocation code.
  • This mod will create new invocation code which publisher need to paste in his page.
  • Now when page will be requested by user one banner will display and after some seconds invocation code will change that banners automatically.
  •  So, two banners will be served to user (advantage for Advertiser) so that probability will be increase of clicking on users (advantage for publisher and you).
  •  If you want to set the time of displaying banner then please see the mod "Admin Control Toggle Banner".
  • Also, you can set time of toggling. 


    • Using this mod you can link two banners to same zone.
    • This mod is very useful to the administrator, advertiser and the publisher.
    •  It is user friendly and easy to install.

Price: €45.00

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