Ad Optimization with A/B Split Testing

Based on real-time performance data automatically adjust your ad priority. Totally automated product with API is involved for fetching invaluable campaign data from the adserver.


Adjust your ad priority for optimized results based on the real-time performance data that is available. Ad optimization product is designed to use API for fetching campaign setting data from the adserver and with it the performance of ad campaigns can be optimized.

How to perform A/B split testing for ad variations?
To test different variations of the same ad, create new individual ads and link them to the same zone. You can compare the performance of each ad.

For example, ad A1 and ad A2 both link to the same zone Z1.

Control over Ad Delivery

  • By default in an adserver platform delivery control of an ad variation can be added in the restriction, eg. Each ad set at 1000 impressions per day.
  • Ad optimization product through an API can control the entire campaign delivery system.
  • For example: If ad A1 and ad A2 link to a group. A1 has a 50% of group X, A2 has a 50% of group X. This means the two ads have an equal amount of impressions.

Auto Ad Optimization

  • In real time some ads perform better than other ads. This means that some ads generate more revenue, more clicks, more conversions, a higher click-through ratio, or a higher conversion ratio.
  • Using this feature, you can choose to display the better performing ads more often.
  • This increases ROI and raises a flag on poor ads that should be revised, improved, or deactivated.
  • Ad Optimization product automatically adjusts the ad priority based on real-time ad performance data.
  • The Campaign settings data will be fetched in product using API.

Optimization Settings
Certain Ads generate more revenue when compared with other ads during the same period. The ad bid rate, which has been configured in the Adserver platform. Following is the setting that is available for implementing restrictions in the campaign setting.
CPM: cost per 1000 / impressions
CPC: cost per click
CPA: cost per conversion/transaction

Ads with more clicks than other ads in the same period

Ads with a higher CTR than other ads in the same period

Ads with more conversions than other ads in the same period

Conversion Rate
Ads with a higher conversion ratio than other ads in the same period

No optimization will be performed on this ad. This is the default setting of Product

Optimization Algorithm

  • The goal of optimization is to maximize the yield from a pool of ads.
  • The yield metrics can be based on clicks, conversions, click-through ratios or conversion ratios.
  • Our advanced algorithm evaluates your ad performance in real-time (currently about every 5-10 minutes).
  • The algorithm performs many fine-tuning operations behind the scene, but to help explain how it works, in its most basic form, it breaks your ad pool into 3 groups: good performance, poor performance and average performance.
  • The good performing ads get higher ad priorities and the opposite situation happens to the poor performing ads.
  • The average ads stay relatively the same while waiting for more data to be evaluated.

Ad Optimization Example

  • If we have 2 ads, A and B on click optimization
  • Both ads are set to Auto priority and started out at the same priority. After one week, ad A has 20 clicks and ad B has 10 clicks.
  • It means viewers respond to ad A better than ad B. As a result, priority for ad A will be increased and it will display more frequently than ad B.

Result Data

  • The result is only as good as the input data.
  • An accurate and up-to-date optimization requires a continuous stream of input data.
  • With our algorithm, the adjustment of ad priorities is a responsive and smooth process.
  • Ad optimization feature takes into account all the data that an ad has when it is served across all zones. Thus, it is a holistic approach.
  • Optimization is done for the ad, based on its whole performance in all zones that it is linked to, not just within any specific zone.


Ad Optimization supports the following Adservers

  • Smart Adserver
  • AerServ
  • OpenX
  • AdButler
  • Adform
  • Revive Adservermod and many more