Advanced AdMediation Integration Tool for Android & iOS


Serve ads to publisher applications from multiple networks. SDK mediation improves mobile application revenue by initiating a series of third-party ad networks to fill ad request.

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Advanced AdMediation Integration Tool for Android & iOS, serves the best ads to publisher applications from numerous ad networks. The SDK mediation improves the application revenue by improving the quality of ads delivered to the applications. It initiates a series of third-party ad networks to fill an ad request.

  • SDK mediation offers seamless integration with mobile applications. The ad network can be configured with the product interface.
  • Using API the Adserver admin can provide access to their publishers for Adnetwork selection or Admin can have the access to select the Adnetworks.
  • Ad network can be prioritized based on the selection and the request will first received by the prioritized ad network.
  • Adrequest from publishers’ app will be sent through the Mediation interface via API and the mediation interface will process the configured Ad network in a traditional waterfall model.
  • However if one ad network does not fill the request, the next ad network in the sequence gains an opportunity and receive the ad response with highest cpm mediation adaptors banners and sent to the connected Adserver via API and return the banner in publisher App.
  • If there is no matched ads from mediation adaptors then the Adserver advertiser campaign ads will get delivered.

SDK support format

  • Banner
  • Medium
  • Full screen
  • Native
  • Rewarded Video
  • Custom
  • Leader board
  • Skyscraper


SDK supported Ad networks

  • Admob
  • Appodeal
  • Mopub
  • Adcolony
  • Facebook audience network
  • Custom ad networks(tags)



Advanced Analytic Report – SDK Mediation

  • Network Report
    Mediation network Name
    No of Ad Request
    No of Ad Response
  • App Report
  • Ad unit Report

Using the Reporting API Adserver admin can have detailed reporting in their platform.

Product Highlights

  • Ease of integration
    • SDK mediation can integrate both native and cross-platform frameworks such as Unity and Cordova.
    • It enables application and game developers to jump-start their app-monetization efforts easily with a single SDK integration and a few lines of code.
  • Connecting to ad networks
    • Popular ad mediation platforms can continuously add more demand sources or ad networks to their SDKs, bringing more opportunities to developers.
    • The SDK should be easy enough to add or remove demand sources from your app in a seamless fashion.
  • Enhanced end-user experience
    • With ad mediation SDK, you can improve the end-user experience by integrating just one SDK and tapping into multiple demand sources that will ultimately lead to better conversions and revenue for the developer.


Product is compatible with following Adservers

  • Smart Adserver
  • Adzerk
  • AdButler
  • AdKernel
  • Adform
  • Revive AdserverMod and many more

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