Advanced Buying Module for Programmatic Adtech Platform


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Advanced buying module for programmatic adtech platform is an ideal product with advanced automated standalone interface to deliver engaging ad campaigns from all the Adservers to third-party ad exchanges or SSPs. The product is efficient in every operation with best connections to Open RTB supported ad exchanges or SSPs. Advanced DSP is the best option available in the market to get hold of the ad space in real time depending upon the request received from the other side of operation. Automated ad pricing and placement without any manual impedance.

  • Deliver any particular campaign to an individual SSP or to all the SSPs in the network.
  • SSPs endpoint URL is generated in the product interface and the end point URL will be shared to the concerned SSP.
  • Request from SSPs will be sent to Adservers using API and the response also will be sent through API to the SSP.
  • Inventory management API handles requests and response between Adservers and third-party SSPs.
  • The process involves Open RTB and a matching ad campaign witll be delivered based on specific targeting metrics for best results, delivering highest bid campaign to perfect ad space.

The entire process takes place within seconds, a fully automated process without any manual interference; it makes the product one of a kind in delivering perfect campaigns for better audience engagement.

Advanced DSP – Campaign Statistics
Valuable statistics are provided by the product to improve the future operational performance. Statistical information is a part of this product and by using reporting API; Adservers can have their reporting section improved by retrieving data from API. The statistics provided by the product includes,

  • SSP name
  • Number of bid requests
  • Number of bid response
  • Winning response
  • Winning bid

Targeting functionalities
The real-time process of delivering ads majorly depends on delivering the right ad to the right audience for maximum conversion. Right targeting features to make things better for all the involved parties. Enhanced targeting features to amplify revenue and improve audience engagement in all the scenarios.

Geo Targeting based on
•Country •City •Latitude •Longitude

Precise Site Targeting
•Site Page URL •Site referral url •Page category •Content category
•Producer category •Producer domain •Section category •Content keyword

User profile targeting
•User Gender •User Year of birth

Client side targeting
•Device OS •Device Model •Device Brand •Keywords •Connection type

Supported Objects
•Bid Request Object •Bid Response •Impression Object •Banner Object •Site object
•App Object •Video Object •Publisher object •Producer object •Content object
•PMP object •Deal Object •Device Object •User Object •Geo Object

Supported Ad Formats

  • Banner Ad formats
  • Video Ads (Linear Ads, Non-linear Ads)

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