Advanced Selling Module for Programmatic Adtech Platform


Publishers can enhance operational performance using Advanced SSP by creating engaging advertisisng space.

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Advanced Selling Module for Programmatic Adtech Platform (or) Sell-side platform (SSP) for ad server serves as a technological interface that enables digital publishers to effectively manage their advertising space inventory, fill them with ads and generate revenue. Publishers can sell and manage the display, video or native ad inventory on desktop and mobile through the SSP’s. Supply-side platform connects multiple Demand-side platforms (DSPs) that support open Real time bidding (RTB).

  • DSP’s will be added in product interface with Endpoint Url’s and the end point urls will be shared from the concern DSP’s.
  • The request from Adserver will be sent to the configured DSP using the API and the response from the DSP will be sent to Adserver will be through the API.
  • Inventory management API handles the Request / Response between Adserver and Third-party DSPs.
  • The process generally involves an open RTB (Real-Time Bidding), and a matching ad campaign from Third party DSP’s.
  • Advanced SSP selects the highest bid rate banner and send the win notice to demand side platform.

 SSP  Statistics
Advanced SSP provides valuable statistics  of the delivered Adspace along with DSP name, the total number of bid requests, and a number of bid response, winning response and winning bid. This statistical information is a part of the product. Using Reporting API, adservers also can have their reporting section by retrieving the data from API.

 Supported Ad Formats

  • Banner Ad formats
  • Video Ads (Linear Ads, Non-linear Ads)
  • Native Ads (App Wall, Content Video Streaming, News Feed, Chat List)
  • Audio Ads (Inline, Wrapper)

Supported Objects

  • App Object
  • Video Object
  • Native Object
  • Audio Object
  • Request Object
  • Impression Object
  • Banner Object
  • Format Object
  • Site Object
  • Publisher Object
  • Producer Object
  • Content Object
  • Device Object
  • Geo Object
  • User Object
  • Segment Object
  • Regs Object, Deal Object

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