Advanced Video AdMediation for Adtech platforms


VAST Mediation, a mandatory product for Adservers out there to perform par excellence. Ensure that publishers ad slots are filled with the best VAST mediated video ads in the configured network. Unify solutions for video access to demand sources.

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Advanced Video AdMediation for Adtech an ideal platform which provides a unified solution for video access to demand sources. It enables the involved parties to easily connect with video exchanges for better allocation of traffic for optimized performance.

Publishers can increased their revenue by obtaining and serving ads from leading video ad network with a high eCPM fill rate. The module is designed to target the country in which the traffic should be served and based on user location a request is sent to that particular video ad network. VAST mediation supports both display and mobile platforms.

  • Video Ad networks will be configured in the product interface and through an API, the Adserver publishers can select the required Ad network or the Adserver admin will map the ad networks to the publisher sites.
  • The ad request from the Adserver with macro values will be passed using an API to  the VAST Mediation and MACROs have to be replaced with the collected information and will be passed to the configured video Ad networks and the response from the network will be send to the Adserver via API.
  • The VAST tag URL contains Placeholders/MACROs like [page_url_here]. MACROs have to be replaced with the correct information where our Mediation MACROs come into play.
  • The MACROs will be replaced with corresponding information and the request will be sent to the respective network
  • For example if ${MF_DEV_IP} into the VAST Tag, this string will be replaced with the calling device’s IP address

VAST Mediation – Supported MACROs

Our VAST Mediation product supports the major programmatic platform VAST Tag macros

A full list of available MACROs when working with VAST Tags and MACROs are below:

${F_ZONEID}                              – Zone Id (Site Id)

${MF_VIDEO_LENGTH}            – Video Content Length.

${MF_INV_REFERER}                – Video display URL

${MF_DEV_OS}                          – Device OS

${MF_DEV_OSV}                       – Device OS version

${MF_DEV_IP}                           – User IP

${MF_DEV_UA}                         – Browser useragent

${MF_DEV_IFA}                        – Device Apple IDFA, Google Advertising ID or Roku RIDA (Clear Text/Unhashed)                                                                                                                 (Sample: 38400000-8cf0-11bd-b23e-10b96e40000d)

${MF_DEV_APP_BUNDLEID} – App BundleID(Ex:com.exampleapps.example

${MF_DEV_APPNAME}           – App Name

${MF_DEV_MAKE}                   – Device Manufacturer

${MF_DEV_MODEL}                – Device Model

${MF_LOC_LAT}                       – Device Latitude

${MF_LOC_LONG}                   – Device Longitude

${MF_CB}                                  – Cache buster random value

${MF_ADSPACE_WIDTH}      – Player width or adslot width

${MF_ADSPACE_HEIGHT}    – Player height or adslot height

${MF_USER_YOB}                   – User Year of birth

${MF_USER_GENDER}           – User Gender

${MF_VPI}                                – Specifies the type of creative we returnex: .MP4

Analytical Report
The following metrics will be displayed

  • Ad network name
  • Impressions
  • Clicks
  • Revenue
  • eCPM

Video Reports
The following metrics will be displayed

  • Impression
  • Clicks
  • Start
  • 25% completed
  • 50% completed
  • 75% completed
  • 100% completed
  • Mute/Unmute
  • Full-screen/Exit full-screen
  • Pause
  • Skip

Using the Reporting API the adservers can have the reports in their platform by fetching the values in API.


VAST Mediation supports the following Adservers

  • Smart Adserver
  • Adzerk
  • OpenX
  • Epom Adserver
  • AdButler
  • AdKernel
  • Adform
  • Revive Adservermod and many more

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