Custom Audience Targeting

Custom audience targeting enables audience to reach the right audience at the right time with the right creative. Invaluable data will be utilized to make immense improvements in campaign performance and creative delivery

Custom Audience targeting makes it effective to cinch segment customers by their actions and retarget them with an already existing campaign or a new campaign. This feature allows you to reach the right audience with the right creative, meaning, creatives will be delivered to the most relevant audience and it will improve conversion rate along with brand awareness.

  • Custom Audience data is build based on a combination of user profile, generic attributes and user behaviour data. You can also exclude audiences that you’ve created.
  • If you build Custom Audience of users who have, for example, bought a product, you can then exclude this group in order to target only those who haven’t made a purchase.
  • In Data Onboarding process, audience data from CRM systems, point-of-sale (POS) systems, other data sets (1st party, 2nd party) and other customer databases from third-party providers are first anonymized and the data are processed and built an Audience.
  • Data Management Platform using segmentation can performance audience segmentation based on the attributes like Age, Gender, Ip Address, Location, Household Income and many more.
  • Likewise, we can build the custom audience on different logical operations and attributes based on their business need.
  • Using our product API Adserver can integrate the Audience Targeting into their platform or the Adservers admin can generate the custom segments and import the segments into their platform and provide access to advertisers for targeting the right campaigns to audience.

Audience targeting helps you get your ads to the right people and adjust your campaigns based on audience’s preferences, so your ads perform better. Through audience targeting, you can spend less on your campaigns and get more conversions. To accomplish this, though, you need the right tools. Our Custom audience targeting fulfils the needs. Audience targeting is depends on data, and you need to be able to collect, organize and activate your data efficiently.

Built a Custom Audience and its compatabile with all the top Adservers and Adexchanges, target the right audience with quality data, also can build audience data from any of sources. Other marketing platforms and CRM can target their users using this product.