Data Processing & Audience Builder – Data Onboarding

Data Onboarding is the process of connecting customer data to digital marketing applications and media platforms


A brand’s own consumer data is available in offline, email, web and mobile devices which make targeting across each channel challenging for marketers. On boarding product brings offline data sets online, so that all of the data is connected.

It bridges the gap between online and offline data and also providing a more rounded 360-degree view of customers and audiences. By identifying information from offline datasets, marketers and advertisers can go beyond email and target their CRM lists with display ads across the web and mobile.

  • Digital marketing applications are often difficult to integrate due to technical limitations as well as data privacy regulations and considerations.
  • Our Data Onboarding service addresses this challenge by operating as a universal translator between customer data sources and digital marketing platforms.
  • Through the Data Onboarding process, audience data from CRM systems, point-of-sale (POS) systems, other data sets (1st party, 2nd party) and other customer databases from third-party providers are first anonymized and then activated for use across marketing applications.
  • Adserver platforms and media platforms in a way that protects consumer privacy.
  • Users CRM data or Offline data other data which is in the file format can be imported into the application.
  • Through API interface also the Data processing can be done. Customer data files are processed via a secure process.
  • Data is anonymized and matched to mobile devices, digital IDs and direct media partners. From there, it’s time to take action.
  • Matched audience can now be activated across channels – using our DMP solution or your DMP, DSP,SSP or any other digital destination using the Segmentation API the product can integrate with the other platforms.
  • Onboarding most valuable audiences through our product makes coordinated cross-channel marketing a reality.
  • Each different type of data, one recommendation is to have a combination of first-, second- and third-party data to optimize for both precision and scale.
  • It is important that data used to create improved and efficient targeting is secure and private and comes from trustworthy data providers. Always we opt for partners to provide quality assurance and make sure that there is no breach in data regulations.


What is a Typical Match Rate?
A match rate is the percentage of the offline file that has matched with an online cookie or mobile ID. Bring offline users online, a match must be made between the offline users and the online identifier. Cookies are generally the most common online identifiers, while phone numbers and physical address could be strong offline identifiers to match the online profile.

While results fluctuate based on the onboarding provider, industry averages are between 30-50%, after distributing to partners and platforms.

Data Analytical Report

Audience Analytics

  • Overview
  • Audience Log
  • Device(Internet Network, Screen size, Internet Technology (2G, 3G, 4G, 5G, 6G) etc)
  • Software
  • Locations
  • Engagement
  • Times
  • Real time map
  • Bot tracker
  • Age & Gender
  • Income stats
  • Educational Level
  • Languages

Real Time Analytics

  • Overview
  • Locations
  • Traffic sources
  • Content

Behaviour Analytics

  • Pages
  • Entry pages
  • Exit Pages
  • Page titles
  • Crawling Errors
  • Interest Segmentation

(Business, Sports, News, Entertain etc.)

Acquisition Analytics

  • Overview
  • All referrers
  • Keyword Statistics
  • Crawling overview
  • Campaign
  • Campaign Building

Form Analytics

  • Overview
  • Real time
  • Manage Forms
  • Individual created Form Report

Data Onboarding is compatabile with all the top Adservers and Adexchanges, target the right audience with quality data, also can build audience data from any of sources. Other marketing platforms and CRM can target their users using this product.