Google Single Dashboard Reporting

One stop solution for all your reporting needs; embedded with advanced analytics, the dashboard delivers impactful insights on key performance indicators (KPIs). Elevate your reporting with powerful reports with best feature in the industry.


Data Sources

Google Single Dashboard Reporting is designed to unify all your online marketing platforms in a single advanced report. Google Adwords is one of the many platforms used for digital marketing; Google Analytics and AdManager with our solutions can gather vital reports on all your marketing platforms.

Handle multiple clients with ease, multiple Google accounts in a single dashboard.

There are no limitations regarding the number of Google Ads/Analytics and AdManager accounts that can be integrated with our solution.


Preferred Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

The solution provides real-time access to important Google adwords campaigns performance metrics without any delay. This allows you an opportunity to make changes for improving the campaign performance in real-time. Entire Google Adwords campaigns can be monitored and tracked at a single glance with Google Single Dashboard Reporting solution.

Imperative performance metrics for campaigns include

  • Ad group performance
  • Landing page performance
  • Click-through rate (CTR)
  • Cost Per Click (CPC)
  • Conversion rate
  • Search queries

No technical or coding expertise is required to integrate and build your own dashboard; Google Single Dashboard Reporting solution offers exemplary custom widgets and technically advanced presets that makes integration and dashboard building easier. Gather quality data, visualize KPIs and build impactful, informative dashboards with custom widgets and pre-built presets offered by the solution.

Preset and Custom Widgets
Our pre-built presets and custom widgets offer numerous options to measure and obtain quality data and create precise and detailed reports. Optimize your campaign performance by analyzing the advance reports delivered by Google Single Dashboard Reporting solution. Some of the crucial widgets and pre-built presets offered by the solution is mentioned below,

  • Technology
  • Traffic Sources
  • Multi-Channel Funnels
  • Goals, Events
  • E-Commerce
  • Content
  • App Tracking
  • Pages
  • Users
  • Social Media

Google Single Dashboard Reporting solution enables you to collect data from integrated APIs with ease and with that data New Metrics, Conversion Rates, and Return of Investment (ROI) and much more can be precisely calculated. Also the solution provides options to make the dashboard reflect your brand by enabling the use of your own logo or your client logo. With so many options the Google Single Dashboard Reporting solution is mandatory to navigate the digital landscape successfully.

Automated Report Sharing

Our API solution is designed to automatically deliver reports to each of your clients every month. The entire report sharing process is automated from end-to-end and there is no need to bother about it. With numerous advanced reporting and sharing choices, your teams and clients will always have access to the latest reports. An automatic email dispatch can be set-up or the report can be saved in a portable document file format (PDF). Essentially, our automated solution will take care of all the heavy lifting.


How Our Solutions Help Your Business

  • Track performance and discover insights in real-time.
  • Our API’s collect entire data in a single place.
  • Implement Predictable Performance Methodology.
  • Control your business performance with technically advanced widgets.
  • Automatic dashboard update with fresh data.
  • Access dashboard on any device.


Single Dashboard Reporting unifies the following Google Tools

  • Google Ads
  • Google AdManager
  • Google Analytics