Lookalike Audience Targeting

With precision find audience with similar attributes to that of your existing audience group. Improve campaign impact and revenue in the digital space and enhance your operational performance.

Find the right audience at the right time with the perfect creative is the biggest challenge faced by digital advertising in the recent times; Lookalike Audience is the perfect solution for the problem.

Certain ads will gain a lot of impression but there is no sure way to know if those impressions are from audience who are interested in your business. Lookalike audience is an effective way of targeting the right audience and ensuring that your ads are reaching the right business thereby improving prospect conversion.

Build New Target Audiences with Lookalikes
lookalike audience expands advertisers retargeting programs and can effectively new audience who are likely to have a interest in your business, even if they are not familiar with you. Using lookalike audiences enables you to build your brand and engage new prospects who have the potential to become leads for your business.

Build Lookalike from Custom Audience Segment

  • Data Onboarding process, audience data from CRM systems, point-of-sale (POS) systems, other data sets (1st party, 2nd party) and other customer databases from third-party providers are first anonymized and the data are processed and Audience has been build.
  • Using the segmentation can segment the audience on some of the attributes.
  • Using the custom audience segment can find the new audience similar to your existing audiences.
  • Select the required country users from the segment. Can choose the audience size ranges from 1% to 10% in the countries you have targeted. The audience size of 1% most closely matches the segment.
  • Lookalike audiences are a great way to expand advertisers to reach a new people in online.
  • And lookalike audiences have specific characteristics that make them ideal for their business; you know your ad budget isn’t going to waste on the wrong prospects.

Lookalike Audience is compatabile with all the top Adservers and Adexchanges, target the right audience with quality data, also can build audience data from any of sources. Other marketing platforms and CRM can target their users using this product.