Prebid Adapter


Publishers earn the highest revenue from all competing bids by allowing ad networks to bid, in real-time within the page header, before the ad server auction.

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What is Header Bidding and how does it work?
Header Bidding (pre-bidding or advance bidding) allows publishers to earn the highest revenue from all competing bids. In Header Bidding, Ad networks bid in real-time within the page header before the ad server auction. Compared to the traditional waterfall model, this makes ad revenues more attainable, efficient and maximize automatically.

What is Prebid?
This solution enables publishers to implement Header Bidding on websites and in mobile apps. It allows ad optimizers to comfortably set-up line items, effectively manage them, make asynchronous ad calls, and do all this without the need to develop a custom solution.

What is the need for an Adapter?
Your Ad Server will be added to the official Prebid bidders list. Publishers who have integrated with prebid.js send requests to your ad server. Your ad server receives these requests and processes them.

Bidder Adapter Highlights

  • You get your own independent “Bidding Adapter” added to prebid.js.
  • Bidder Adapter supports multiple ad formats:
    • Video ads (in-stream / out-stream)
    • Display banner ads or native ads
    • Mobile ads and AMP adapter
  • API Reporting based on the following breakdowns:
    • Request, response, campaign, banner, device type (desktop / mobile), device brand, device model, impression, and clicks.
    • Bidders can design their own custom reports using API data
  • Targeting can be based on:
    • Country
    • IP address
    • Site/page URL
    • User-agent, or
    • Domains
  • Adapter implementation takes around two days for Bidder Adapter submission and the prebid team takes roughly two week’s time for approval.

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