Server 2 Server (S2S) API Integration


An S2S API integration product allows two Adservers to effectively communicate with each other. Reduced latency assured with S2S integration and ad requests from publishers’ ad server to ad networks Adservers will be effective

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The Server-to-Server API Integration makes it simple and easy for Adserver publishers to connect with outside demand partners via API and retrieve banner ads. The product is designed to carry out smooth integration process without any hindrance.

The Ad request from the publishers’ Adserver will be sent to the configured Demand partners using API’s and the response from the configured Demand partners will be sent to the Adserver through the API.

Product API handles the Request / Response between Adserver and demand sources as an interface. The process generally involves through the configured demand sources API call and a matching ad campaign will be delivered.

For efficient Server-to-Server integration with Adservers the integration process and technical specifications of the products are mentioned.

  • For each external demand partner API ping URL, Username, Password will be configured in product interface.
  • Demand partner’s API ping URL and corresponding Username, Password will be shared by the user.
  • In some demand partners cases the ads can be directly called by initiating their API. In other cases it is necessary to create a site and zone in their platform to get ads.
  • S2S integration product offers admin access to set ad priority in the configuration page. Depending on the ad exchange selection ad delivery will be prioritized.
  • Imperative part of S2S integration involves publishers’ adserver site to be mapped with the configured demand sources.
  • The product offers this option in their platform by the use of product API. In an Adserver platform admin can have this access to map the publishers’ site with Demand sources.

S2S Statistics
The product provides invaluable information about the delivered publisher sites and their corresponding zones along with Demand name. This information is a part of the product. Using Reporting API Adservers can have their reporting section by retrieving the data from API.



S2S Integration supports the following Adservers

  • Smart Adserver
  • Adzerk
  • Epom Adserver
  • AdKernel
  • Adform
  • Revive Adservermod and many more

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