Social Media Marketing Integration For Adservers

Handle and manage all your social media marketing activities from single dashboard; advanced options to intensify the level of performance in every campaign. API embedded solution for effective handing of all social media campaigns and is assured performance metrics of campaigns.


Number of active users on social media is increasing every day, on an average there are more than a billion users on social media every day. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are gaining new users every day. Due to the ever increasing user count in social media, campaigns on social media are a crucial marketing technique for businesses everywhere.

How social media marketing benefits

  • Social media increases the chances of reaching the right audience with the perfect campaigns.
  • The impact of social media campaigns causes increase in audience engagement with the creative content, improves potential customers, create brand loyalty, and enhance web traffic and sales.
  • Marketing on social isn’t just a trend, it’s a powerful industry technique that is here to stay and will help you reach more people all over the world.

Social Media Marketing solutions to run ad campaigns in Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and Twitter are effective in targeting audience who match the requirements.

  • Social Media Marketing is an all-in-one API solution for creating and managing ads, when and where they’ll run and tracking how well your campaigns are performing.
  • The solution is designed for Trade desks / Agencies / Advertisers or any Adservers can have their own designed UI interface and connecting all social media marketing platform via API.
  • Combine all the best features of social media including analytics and create and effective campaign with the unique API solution.
  • You can research a campaign data from different channels to optimize communication in all marketing channels.
  • To access the Facebook ads have to create a business account and facebook ads supporting for the ad placements in Instagram. Twitter standard free API supports the Ads API.

Facebook Ads

  • Campaign creation in Facebook is based on marketing objective and in defining the target audience or custom audience.
  • Budget, billing, optimization and duration of the campaigns are mentioned for every campaign.
  • Adding the Ad sets and Ad creative (Carousel, Single image, Single video, Slideshow, Canvas) and place the ad placement in Facebook.

Facebook Ad performance measurements
Following are the metrics used to measure the performance of Facebook creatives and all these metrics can be tracked via facebook API

  • Statistics on Ads
  • Ad Sets and Campaigns Offline conversions
  • App Events
  • Url Tag
  • Facebook Pixel and campaign efficiency

Instagram Ads
When ad campaigns are created in Instagram, the creative will appear in people’s Instagram feeds and stories along with images and videos shared by other people in their network.

  • Instagram ads can also appear in the Explore placement – if someone clicks on a photo or video from Explore, they may begin to see ads in their browsing experience, similar to Instagram feed.
  • Ads will not be displayed in the Explore grid or in the Explore topic channels.
  • All Instagram ads will have a Sponsored icon in the top-right and may contain a call-to-action button below the image. Creative caption will also appear below the image.

Campaign creation based on the objective that supports Instagram feed and defining the target audience or custom audience, Budget, Billing, Optimization, Duration of the campaign. Adding the Adsets and Ad creative (Carousel, Single image, Video Ads)

Instagram Ads Metrics
Campaign ad metrics can be viewed; it includes Performance, demographics, amount spent and cost per result to understand how campaign budget is being allocated.

Twitter Ads

  • Twitter Ads API enables creation and management of ad campaigns programmatically on Twitter.
  • Programmatically schedule campaigns and manage ads on Twitter through this suite of API. Once registered and authorized using the twurl that handles the OAuth Authentication.
  • Create a promoted Tweets campaign and associate it with the funding instrument and create a line item to associate with it.
  • The line item wraps the bid price, targeting, and actual creative portion of the campaign and will be promoting tweets with bid.
  • With the line item created, we can assign the targeting criteria. Tweets can include text, images, GIFs, videos, or cards. Cards can include images or videos which can be promoted in campaigns.
  • Audiences can be managed via Ads API to access and maintain tailored audiences.

Performance Analytics

  • Analytics metrics provides the performance of the content promoted on Twitter. This includes information such as impressions, clicks, video views, and spend. In addition can also get detailed metrics for various segments of the audiences reach.
  • The Ads API supports two ways of retrieving detailed campaign performance metrics: synchronously and asynchronously.
  • With synchronous analytics calls, the requested metrics are returned in the response. With the asynchronous analytics endpoints, the requested metrics are available in a downloadable results file after the associated “job” has finished processing.

The billing section for the social media platform is directly handled in the corresponding platform. The invoices will be raised to the accounts based on the usage. The payment is directly handled in the corresponding platforms. An efficient API to monitor and handling all the campaign performance through a single dashboard.


Social Media Marketing supports the following Adservers

  • Smart Adserver
  • AerServ
  • Adzerk
  • Openx
  • ePOM Adserver
  • AdButler
  • AdKernel
  • Adform
  • Revive Adservermod and many more